Students should submit applications to 4-8 colleges.


This list should include:


  • At least one college in Michigan

  • Two realistic colleges

    • Where the average GPA and ACT/SAT are equal to or lower than yours


  • One or more dream schools

    • Where the academic standards and/or cost are a reach for you


  • At least one affordable college

    • Somewhere you could attend without any (or much) financial aid

    • For example, a Community College


  • All colleges you would be happy to attend


Applying To College


College is Yours 2.0 by Patrick J. O'Connor

Statement of Principles of Good Practice, NACAC


Application Resources & Links

How To Apply





Letter of Recommendation Request


Application Checklist


FlexTech ACT & College Board Code: 230397

  • Go to the college's web site and apply online

    • Some schools now accept the Common Application

    • Pay the application fee (if applicable) and submit your application


  • Order your transcript from Parchment

    • You may need to create an account if you haven't done so yet

    • This is how colleges know which classes you have taken/are taking and what your GPA is




  • Once you receive your results from the colleges, you will need to make an admission decision by March 1st

    • Fill out the FlexTech Senior Exit Survey in May to let us know more about your future plans

    • Request your final transcript through Parchment so we can send it along to your chosen college


Types of Admissions

Colleges have different types of application plans:


  • Rolling Admissions - These colleges look at applications as they receive them and they make admissions decisions continually.


  • Regular Decision - These schools set a common deadline and review all applications at the same time.


  • Early Action (EA) - At these schools, all applications received by the early deadline are read together and students are informed of the college's decision earlier than at other schools.


  • Early Decision (ED) - This is similar to EA, but STUDENTS MUST ATTEND if they are accepted under ED. Only apply to an ED school if it is your clear first choice.

  • Restrictive Early Action (REA) - This is the same as EA, but it places restrictions on students so they may not apply to any other early action plans.


  • Open Admissions - Some schools, like community colleges, allow any student with a high school diploma or GED to attend. The deadline for applying to these schools is often in July.

Each college has their own important dates and deadlines, but here are some of the common ones.


  • August 1 - Most schools have their new applications available


  • October 15 - The earliest that college applications are due


  • November 1 - The deadline for many EA schools


  • January 1 - The deadline for many Regular Decision schools


  • May 1 - The deadline for informing schools of your decision 

Important Dates