• Continue to Be Involved
       - Stay involved in service, clubs, and activities that align with your interests and goals

  • Focus on Academics
        - As always, make sure you are challenging yourself with high-level coursework

  • Work on your Educational Development Plan (EDP) with Your Advisor

          ​- You will continue to develop your academic and career goals


  • Take the PSAT 10

​          - All FlexTech students take the PSAT 10 in the fall

          - This is excellent practice for taking the SAT as an 11th grader

          - Your advisor and counselor will use your results to help you set academic goals 



  • Visit Colleges

​         - Begin to informally visit some local colleges to help you get a feel for the type of school you like

         - Walk around the campus, take a tour if you have time, and use your college journal to make notes 

           of what you do and do not like about each college campus



  • Take the PSAT 10

​           - All FlexTech students take the PSAT 10 again in April

           - This is a great opportunity to track your academic progress and to get more

             practice for the SAT


  • Select Your Junior Year Courses and Projects with Care

​            - What classes will you need to take next year to help you achieve your academic goals?




College Is Yours 2.0 by Patrick J. O'Connor


What Can I Do in 10th Grade to Prepare for College?