11th Grade: Make College Planning a Priority

In 11th grade, the college planning process kicks into high gear. 



  • Take Challenging Upper-Level Courses

        - Develop an upper-level independent project

        - Take a class of particular interest through Michigan Virtual

        - Dual Enroll at a local college   

  • Focus on Grades
       - As always, aim for that 4.0!

         - Junior year is the most important time to earn high marks in                    challenging classes

         - If you had some struggles in 9th or 10th grade, colleges will be                happy to see an upward trend in your grades

  • Work on your Educational Development Plan (EDP)

          ​- You will continue to develop your academic and career goals


  • Take the Practice SAT

​          - All FlexTech juniors take the practice SAT in the fall to                

            help prepare them for the real deal in April

          - You can choose to sign up for the ACT if you feel more

            comfortable with that test (Colleges will take either one)


  • Take On a Leadership Role

          - If you haven't yet, now is the perfect time to step into that                        leadership role!


  • Attend College Fairs and College Representative Visits

          - Take advantage of the college fair and representative visits at                 FlexTech

          - Attend some of the larger community college fairs

          - Ask questions and gather information to help you narrow down               the list of schools you would like to consider  



  • Research and Request Information From Colleges

​         - Take full advantage of the college search engines

         - Make note of which colleges match your criteria

         - Visit these colleges' websites and request additional information

  • Visit Colleges Campuses

          ​- See the box on the left for advice on how to make the most of

             your college visits


  • Brush Up On Your SAT Skills

​           - Review the testing practices and procedures



  • Take the SAT

​           - All juniors take the SAT as part of the MME in April

           - Now is the time to apply what you've learned and all the                          practice you have had

           - Most colleges require SAT or ACT scores as part of their



  • Meet with Your Counselor

​           - Talk about your college search experiences

           - Discuss what you should be doing over the summer to                            prepare for the application process

           - Draft a list of colleges you wish to apply to in the fall and                          finalize this list over the summer


  • Select a Challenging Senior Schedule
         - Colleges will request information on your senior year schedule          and grades

           - It is important to continue to challenge yourself and receive                      high marks senior year

           - Sign up for a 4th year of science, dual enroll, take academic                    electives, and find other ways to challenge yourself



  • Finalize a list of colleges you will apply to

​           - Continue researching and visiting campuses until you finalize                your list

           - For more information on what this list should look like, visit the                Applying to College page


  • Look at Application Deadlines and Requirements

​           - Familiarize yourself with the deadlines and requirements for                    the schools on your list

           - Make a Calendar to help you keep track of these important                      dates


  • Begin Thinking About Essays

​            - Visit websites for the colleges you plan to apply to and/or the                   Common Application and look at the essays they require

            - Begin to think about these essays and outline or begin your                     responses

            - Be aware that most colleges do not release their new                               applications until August 1st and essay prompts could change





College Is Yours 2.0 by Patrick J. O'Connor



College visits are an essential piece of the college selection process. Students should not attend a college they have never visited in person.


Here are some tips to make the most of your college visits:


  • Do some research on colleges before you visit

  • Arrange an official college tour ahead of time

  • Visit no more than 2 colleges in one day

  • Visit a variety of colleges --private/public, rural/suburban/city, large/small, close to home/farther away, high cost/more affordable


  • Try to visit at a time when classes are in session (so you get a more accurate feel for what it's like to be a student at this school)


  • ASK QUESTIONS on your visit


  • Arrange to sit in on a class


  • If possible, arrange to see a dorm and eat at a cafeteria


  • If possible, speak with students who attend the school to get their perspective on the student experience at each school


  • Use your college journal to make notes on your impressions of each college immediately after leaving

            - This will be very helpful when it comes time to                     compare colleges and create your final list!




Make the Most of Your College Visit


Here are some sample questions to ask your tour guide on a campus visit:


  • What is the average class size?


  • What is orientation like?


  • What is the anticipated cost of attendance?


  • What types of scholarships and financial aid packages do you offer?


  • How many student organizations are there?


  • What kind of campus housing is available?


  • What is the average high school GPA and SAT/ACT of the freshman class?


  • What factors does your school consider most important when looking at a student's application?


  • What are your school's academic strengths?


  • What is the student-faculty relationship like


  • What is unique about your college?

Questions To Ask On A Campus Visit