What Can I Do in 9th Grade to Prepare for College?


  • Get to know your school, your advisor, and your counselor

  • Take some time for self-reflection
        - Consider your interests, skills, and talents

​          - What is important to you?

          - Think about possible personal and academic goals


  • Get involved

​          - Join extracurricular activities

          - Volunteer at FlexTech and in the surrounding community

          - Be careful not to take on too much at once

  • Work on your Educational Development Plan (EDP) with Your Advisor

          ​- You will complete an interest inventory and work on short-term and long-term

            academic and career goals


  • Take the PSAT 8/9

​          - All FlexTech students take the PSAT 8/9 in the fall

          - This is excellent practice for taking the SAT as an 11th grader

          - Your advisor and counselor will use your results to help you set academic




  • Focus on Academics

​          - Go for that 4.0! The grades you earn now matter for college admissions. Start strong.


  • Take the PSAT 8/9

​           - All FlexTech students take the PSAT 8/9 again in April

           - This is a great opportunity to track your academic progress and to get more

             practice for the SAT


  • Set an Academic Goal

​            - Plan your 10th grade courses and projects accordingly  


  • Keep Track of Your Interests and Involvement in a "College Journal"

​            - Keep a notebook or journal with an informal list of interests and involvement

              to use throughout high school   




College Is Yours 2.0 by Patrick J. O'Connor