12th Grade: Applying and Deciding


  • Meet with your Counselor

        - Share your final list of colleges you will be applying to

        - Ask questions or get clarification on the application process


  • Retake the SAT or Take the ACT if necessary

        - For SAT, students can create an account and register at          


             - Tests are given in October, November, and December

             - Pay attention to Registraion Deadlines!

        - For ACTStudents can create an account and register at


             - Tests are given in September, October, and December

             - Pay attention to Registration Deadlines!


                 -On this form, provide your letter writer with additional

                    information about yourself

         - Make sure you give your letter writer at least 3-4 weeks to write              your letter


  • Complete and Submit College Applications

​          - Keep an application checklist to make sure you have                             completed all parts of the application

          - Keep track of application deadlines using a calendar

          - The Early Decision deadline is usually November 1st

          - For more details on applying, visit the Applying To College                    page


  • Apply for Scholarships

          - See the Paying For College page for more details


  • Apply for Financial Aid

          - Attend FlexTech's Financial Aid Night

          - For more information, see the Paying For College page


  • Continue to Focus on Academics

          - Make sure you have a strong senior schedule-- colleges will                     look to see that you are truly committed to learning

          - Continue to get good grades-- colleges will look at your 7th                     semester grades and your final transcript​         



  • Consider Your College Decision

          ​- Use your calendar to keep track of decisions as they arrive

          - Weigh your options, do any additional investigating                                   necessary, and begin to make your final decision

          - Remembering your "wish list" will help you decide



  • Decide Which College You Will Attend

​           - Inform colleges of your decision and submit your deposit                          by May 1st

           - Inform Mrs. Gambrel which college you will be attending by

             completing the Senior Exit Survey. This will allow                   

             FlexTech to send your final transcirpt to your college of choice


  • Continue to Work Hard Until Graduation!​     





College Is Yours 2.0 by Patrick J. O'Connor


In 12th grade, students need to stay organized. The best advice?

Keep a calendar of important dates and deadlines.

Request letters of recommendation from teachers who truly know you as a student and as a person. Your Advisor is a great example!

Did you know that previously accepted students can be rejected based on poor senior year performance!?! Seniors must continue to show academic success.